Schedule 2008

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Dec. 13th (Sat.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Christmas Concert

Date : Dec. 13th (Sat.)
Venue : Yamagata Bunshoukan
Time : Open 18:00 Start 18:30
Admission Fee : 3000yen for Adult, 1500yen for student
Appearance : Nanae Mimura (marimba&vibraphone) , Atsushi Abe (Piano), Ryoichi Kayatani (Perc.)
For more info. & Inquiry : 023-635-5500
Nov. 24th (Mon.)

Marimba Joint Concert ~KODAMA~

Date : Nov. 24th (Mon.)
Venue : Yamato Koriyama Hall
Time : Open 14:30 Start 15:00
Admission Fee : 3000yen, 3500yen
Appearance : SINSKE、Nanae Mimura(with Toshiya Shioiri, Pf) etc....
For more info. & Inquiry : 050-5510-9645
Nov. 3rd (Mon.)

Lecture & Concert

Date : Nov. 3rd (Mon.)
Venue : Tokyo International Forum Hall C
Time : Open 14:00 Start 15:00
Admission Fee : All seats are reserved seats
Appearance : Nanae Mimura (marimba), Mariko Senju (Vln.), Hiroshi Kuroda(baritone), Emi Sawada(soprano)
Inquiry : 03-3481-0802
Oct. 3rd (Fri.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba Solo Recital
[100%Pure Woods ~ go for a walk in the woods~]Vol. 1

Date : Oct. 3rd (Fri.)
Venue : Tokyo Opera City [Oumi Gakudou]
Time : Open 18:30 Start19:00
Admission Fee : 4000yen
For more info. & Inquiry : Raku Koubou 03-3481-3300
Tokyo Opera City Tickets Center 03-5353-9999
Sept. 20th (Sat.)

30th Anniversary Event of TABACCO&SALT MUSEUM

Date : Sept. 20th (Sat.)
Venue : JT Art Hall
Appearance : Nanae Mimura (marimba&vibraphone) & Kiyotsugu Amano (Gt.)
For more info. & Inquiry : TABACCO&SALT MUSEUM
August 21st (Thu.)

YAMAHA presents [MYUJIN Premium LIVE]

Date : August 21st (Thu.)
Time : Open 18:30 Start 19:00
Admission Fee : 6000yen
Appearance : Nanae Mimura, BEGIN, Jake Shimabukuro, etc....
Information :
August 7th (Thu.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba and Vibraphone Concert

Date : August 7th (Thu.)
Venue : WAKITA Museum of Art
Time : Open 18:00 Start 18:30
Admission Fee : 7000yen
Appearance : Nanae Mimura (marimba&vibraphone), Toshiya Shioiri(Pf), Naoki Tate(Vo.& Perc.)
For more info. & Inquiry : WAKITA Museum of Art TEL:0267-42-2639
July 25th (Fri.)

Workshop by Grupo Bahia

Date : July 25th (Fri.)
Admission fee : Free
Time : Start at 14:00
Venue : Kunitachi College of Music
July 24th (Thu.)

Joint Concert with Grupo Bahia from Colombia

Date : July 24th (Thu.)
Time : Start at 19:00
Admission Fee : All seats are reserved seats
Inquiry : Embassy of Colombia 03-3440-6451
July 8th (Tue.)

Closed Event at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Date : July 8th (Tue.)
Venue : Closed Event at Grand Hyatt Tokyo
July 6th (Sun.)

FM Yokohama [Classy Museum] Concert & Live Open Recording

Date : July 6th (Sun.)
Venue : Landmark Hall in Yokohama Landmark Tower
Appearance : Nanae Mimura (marimba&vibraphone)&Jun Abe (piano)
Admission Fee : All seats are reserved seats
June 14th (Sat.)

Closed Event in Ginza

Date : June 14th (Sat.)
Venue : Closed Event in Ginza
May 24th (Sat.)


Date : May 24th (Sat.)
Location : Hills Cafe/Space (in Roppongi Hills)
Time : Doors open 13:45, Concert begins 14:00
Doors open 15:45, Concert begins 16:00
Admission Fee : Admission free
Inquiry : DoCoMo Concert Bureau
TEL: 0120-173-531
(Open 10:00 - 18:00, except Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
March 2nd (Sun.)

Like a Breeze -Takashi Obara & Nanae Mimura Joint Concert-

Date : March 2nd (Sun.)
Location : Saitama Prefectural Citizen's Activities General Center, small hall
Time : Doors open 13:30, Concert begins 14:00
Admission Fee : 3,000 Yen
Inquiry : 048-728-7113
March 1st (Sat.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Concert
Komaki City Eastern civic center's cultural program for 2007

Date : March 1st (Sat.)
Location : Komaki City Eastern civic center, auditorium
Time : Doors open 17:30, Concert begins 18:00
Admission Fee : 1,500 Yen for Adult (All seats are reserved seating)
300 Yen discount for Atr Friend Member (Adult only)
Performing with: Atsushi Abe (Piano) / Yoichi Okabe (Percussion)
Inquiry : Komaki City Eastern civic center
2-23 Shinooka, Komaki City
Date of Sale : 9:00 am, January 10th (Thu.) 2008.
Place of Sale : Each civic centers (Eastern, Ajioka, Kitazato), midland community hall, industry center, townhall's culture development division, Manabi-Souzou-Kan
February 22th (Fri.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Concert

Date : February 22th (Fri.)
Location : Kuji City Amber Hall
Time : Doors open 18:00, Concert begins 18:30
Admission Fee : General: 2,000 yen
Student (up to high school): 1,200 yen
(All seats are reserved seating)
Performing with: Toshiya Shioiri (Piano), Tate Nawoki (Percussion)
Inquiry : 17-1 Kawasaki-chou, Kuji city
Iwate, Japan 028-0051
February 21th (Thu.)

Outreach Music Concert

Date : February 21th (Thu.)
Location : Kuji City Rural Cultural Exchange Center, Ora Hall
February 17th (Sun.)

Nanae Mimura Concert

Date : February 17th (Sun.)
Location : Freuden Hall (Kozakai-chou cultural hall, Aichi)
Time : Doors open 13:30, Concert begins 14:00
Admission Fee : Free seating: 2,500 Yen advance, 3,000 Yen at door.
Performing with : Toshiya Shioiri (Piano)
Inquiry : Freuden Hall (Kozakai-chou cultural hall, Aichi)
Date of Sale : 12/15 (Sat.)
January 22th
- February 9th

Nanae Mimura international exchange tour with Columbia

January 22th (Tue.) : Departure at Narita, through Houston Arrival at Bogotá
January 23th (Wed.) : Departure at Bogotá, Arrival at Santiago de Cali
Meeting & Rehearsal with Grupo Bahia
January 24th (Thu.) : Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Concert
Location: Teatro Jorge Isaacs, Santiago de Cali
Performing with: Grupo Bahia
Time: Concert begins at 14:00
January 25th (Fri.) : 12:00-14:00 Lunch Party hosted by Cali Cultural Association
18:00-20:30 Workshop (Interchange with local musicians)
Lacation: Confandi
January 26th (Sat.) : VIsit at Santiago de Cali
January 27th (Sun.) : Departure at Santiago de Cali, Arrival at Medellín
Confabulation with former ambassador Cierra in Tokyo
January 28th (Mon.) : Meeting & Rehearsal with Puerto Candelaria
Interchange with children's musical band
January 29th (Tue.) : Lecture Class at EAFIT university
Visit at Medellín and Yamaha Musical Class
January 30th (Wed.) : Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Concert
Location: Área Metropolitana de Medellín
Performing with: Puerto Candelaria
Time: Concert begins at 20:00
January 31st (Thu.) : Departure at Medellín, Arrival at Bogotá
February 1st (Fri.) : Departure at Medellín, Arrival at Cartagena
Visit at Port of Cartagena, Fortress and buildings (World Heritage)
Departure at Cartagena, Arrival at Barranquilla
Appearing at Arranque de Carnaval (intangible cultural asset)
February 2nd (Sat.) : Visit at the Carnival
February 3rd (Sun.) : Visit at the Carnival
Departure at Cartagena, Arrival at Bogotá
February 4th (Mon.) : Meeting & Rehearsal with Grupo Bahia
Visit at Bogotá
February 5th (Tue.) : 14:00 Courtesy call on the first lady
16:00-19:00 Workshop (Interchange with local musicians)
Location: Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango
February 6th (Wed.) : Japanese Month Opening Ceremony (at Casa de Moneda)
Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Concert
Location: Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá
Performing with: Ricardo Uirbe (Piano)
Time: Concert begins at 19:30
February 7th (Thu.) : Departure at Bogotá, Arrival at Houston
February 8th (Fri.) : Departure at Houston, Arrival at Narita
Marimba Concerto “Bird Rhythmics”, Op. 109 By Takashi Yoshimatsu
Nanae Mimura Sheet Music
Nanae Mimura Series Marimba Mallets
Poo-Poo Song