Schedule 2006

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December 26th (Tue.)

Musica Cosmo Percussion Festa 2006 Winter

Date : December 26th (Tue.)
Time : Doors open 12:30, Concert begins 13:00
Performance Time of Nanae Mimura: about 19:00
Admission Fee : 1,000 Yen
Further detail : 30 groups including amateur and professional, takes part in
this "Festival for Percussion".
MC: Tomoyuki Okada / Mutsuko Fujii
Guest: Nanae Mimura
Inquiry :
Sponsor : Association of Musica Cosmo Percussion Festa (Tel: 048-464-0249)
Sunazalea (Tel: 048-468-7771)
December 9th (Sat.)

Kentaro Haneda Christmas Duo Fantasy with Nanae Mimura

Date : December 9th (Sat.)
Location : Iwate-Kenmin Hall
Time : Doors open 17:30, Concert begins 18:30
Admission Fee : S Seats 4,500 Yen, Pair of S Seats 8,500 Yen, A Seats 4,000 Yen, B Seats 3,000 Yen
(Adds 500 Yen if you buy ticket on current day.)
Inquiry : Iwate Nippo-sha, Project Department
Date of Sale : October 19th (Thu.)
November 20th (Mon.)
- 22th (Wed.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba Clinic & Master Class in Hawaii

Program : Masterclass, Oahu Band Director's Association
Date : November 20th (Mon.)
Location : Roosevelt High School
1120 Nehoa St, Honolulu HI 96822
Time : 18:00-20:00
Inquiry : Gregg Abe, director
TEL 808-587-4600 X305

Program : Masterclass
Date : November 21th (Tue.)
Location : Brigham Young University-Hawaii
55-220 Kulanui St. Box 1953
Laie, HI 96762
Time : 16:00-18:00
Inquiry : Darren Duerden, director
Associate Professor of Percussion
TEL 808.293.3909

Program : Masterclass
Date : November 22th (Wed.)
Location :

Castle High School
45-386 Kaneohe Bay Dr.
Kaneohe HI 96744

Time : 19:00-21:00
Inquiry : Arnold Alconcel, director
Tel 808-233-5600/Fax 808-233-5623
October 28th (Sat.)

Guatemala&Maya Cultural Association 10th Anniversary for Foundation
"Enjoy the appeal of Maya Culture"

Date : October 28th (Sat.)
Location : Akasaka-Kumin Hall
Time : Doors open 13:00, Concert begins 13:30, Concert finishes 16:30
Admission Fee : Free for first 400 applications
Inquiry : Guatemala&Maya Cultural Association (Maeda)
Program : 1. Introduction to Maya Culture
2. Ethnic costume of Maya
3. Marimba Concert & Talk Show
October 24th (Tue.)

56th Art Festival National Convention
International Beauty Forum

Date : October 24th (Tue.)
Location : Yokohama Arena
Time : Doors open 9:00, Concert begins 10:00
Admission Fee : S Seat 7,500 Yen - (reserved-seat)
A Seat 6,500 Yen - (reserved-seat)
Nonreserved Seat 3,500 Yen -
Further details :
Performing : Jane's Collection 2007 (14:00-)
October 14th (Sat.)

For children in future
WFP charity concert for World Food Day in Nagoya
Nanae Mimura Marimba and vibraphon Concert featuring Dai Sakakibara

Date : October 14th (Sat.)
Location : Nagoya Higashibetsuin Hall
Time : Doors open 15:30, Concert begins 16:00
Admission Fee : All Seats 3,000 Yen -
Inquiry : Japan Association for the United Nations World Food Programme Nagoya Branch
How to purchase a ticket : After booking by telephone, please pay the fee into the post-office account written below. When paying, please write these information.

1. ZIP code
2. Address
3. Name
4. Telephone number Post-office

account number: 0860-2-185354
Account holder's name: Japan Association for the United Nations World Food Programme Nagoya Branch
September 21th (Thu.)
- 26th (Tue.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba/ Vibraphone Concert in Mexico

Date : September 21th (Thu.)
Location : Cultural Center (Foro Set) Central Park of Tuxtla in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
Time : Concert begins 19:00

Date : September 22th (Fri.)
Location : (Municipality of Venustiano Carranza City)
Homenage to Old Marimba Player in San Cristobal de Las Casas
Time : Concert begins 19:00

Date : September 23th (Sat.)
Location : Auditorio del Centro Cultural Jaime Sabines Jardin
del Arte Av Central y 11 ote in Venustiano Carranza
Time : Concert begins 20:00

Date : September 26th (Sun.)
Location : Auditorio de la FAc de Derecho Templo de San Agustin
Time : Concert begins 19:00
September 19th (Tue.)
- 27th (Wed.)

Short-period instructor as a guest

Date : September 19th (Tue.) - 27th (Wed.)
Location : University of Science and Arts of Chiapas Universidad
de Ciencias y Ates de Chiapas (UNICACH)

18 ote. y 2nte s/n
Tuxtla Gutierrez 29000
Chiapas, Mexico
September 1st (Fri.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba Concert in Ginza Swing

Date : September 1st (Fri.)
Location : Ginza Swing
Time : 1st: 19:00, 2nd: 21:00
Date of Sale : August 21st (Mon.) AM10:30
Inquiry : Ginza Swing
Further details :
August 3rd (Thu.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba Concert in Karuizawa

Date : August 3rd (Thu.)
Location : Wakita art museum "karuizawakyuudou 1570-1"
Time : Doors open 17:30, Concert begins 18:00
Admission Fee : All Seats 3,000 Yen
Further details : Wakita art museum
July 13th (Thu.)
- 24th (Mon.)

TIPSC (Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp) Guest Faculty

Date : July 13th (Thu.) - 24th (Mon.)
Location : Taipei, Taiwan
July 7th (Fri.)

An appearance in a "miraculous live" *no public participation

Date : July 7th (Fri.)
Location : NIHON TV Nittere plaza B2
Further details : This event is going to be on air at the NIHON TV program of "the explosive inauguration of the mural painting entitled myth for tommorow! the celebration in midnight summer. Resurrection of TARO!"
July 5th (Wed.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba/ Vibraphone Concert

Date : July 5th, 2006 (Wed.)
Location : Maebashi Teresa, Maebashi City, Gunma
Time : Doors open 18:30, Concert begins 19:00
Admission Fee : All Seats 3,000 Yen-/ High school students and younger 2,000 Yen-
Date of Sale : May 15th, 2006
Contact : Maebashi Teresa
(027) 231-3211
Co-performers : This will be listed at a later date
Further details : This will be listed at a later date
July 1st (Sat.)

Sponsored by Radio Berry (76.4 FM Tochigi)
"Asaya Renewal One Year Anniversary Special Nanae Mimura Acoustic LIVE"

Date : July 1st, 2006 (Sat.)
Location : Asaya 3rd Floor Fukinuke Plaza, Special Stage
(Tochigi Prefecture/Kunigawa Natural Hot Springs)
Details/Applying :
June 26 (Mon.)

Nanae Mimura "Prana" Release Commemorative Concert

Nanae Mimura Prana Release Commemorative Concert
Date : June 26th, 2006 (Mon.)
Location : Tokyo Sogetsu Hall
Time : Doors open 18:30, Concert begins 19:00
Admission Fee : 4,800 Yen (All seats are reserved seating)
Contact : Conversation
TEL 03-5280-9996
Date of Sale : April 21st, 2006 (Friday)
June 25th (Sun.)

Guest Performance "7th Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior & Senior High Woodwind Group Regular Concert"

Date : June 25th, 2006 (Sun.)
Location : Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara (Big Hall)
Contact :
June 18th (Sun.)

Meetere Yagoto Housin
Outdoor Concert

Date : June 18th, 2006 (Sun.)
Time : 15:30 to 16:30
(Japanese Only) :
June 17th (Sat.)

Chikyukan Concert "Nanae Mimura Marimba Recital
An Original Musical Style and Technique for the 21st Century"

Date : June 17th, 2006 (Sat.)
Location : TEPCO Chikyukan 5th floor, Chikyukan Hall
Time : Doors open13:30, Concert begins 14:00
Capacity of Entries : 163 people
Admission Fee : 1000 Yen (tax included)
Application : Write on a postcard the number of people coming (limited to 2 people per postcard), zip code, address, your name, age, and phone number and send it to:

260-0025 Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi, Chuo-ku, Tonya Machi 1-35 Chiba Port Square Nai TEPCO Chikyukan June Chikyukan Concerts

- Please assume there will be many entries. - You can apply via the TEPCON Chikyukan website starting midway through May
Contact : TEPCO Chikyukan
(043) 392-3411
Entry Deadline : Must arrive by May 29th, 2006 (Mon.)
Performing : Nanae Mimura (Marimba), Tetsuro Toyama (Guitar)
Songs Performed : Pachelbel: Transformation from Pachelbel's Canon
Enya: Caribbean Blue and other songs
June 2nd (Fri.)

Nanae Mimura Marimba & Vibraphone Concert

Date : June 2nd, 2006 (Fri.)
Location : Aichi Prefecture Toyota City Concert Hall
Time : Doors open18:30, Concert begins 19:00
Admission Fee : From 3,000 Yen (Reserved), Students Half-price
Contact : Toyota City Concert Hall Offices
TEL 0565-35-8200
Date of Sale : January 14th, 2006 (Sat.)
May 14th (Sun.)

Takashimaya Tamagawa Enjoy at the SC ! Mother's Day
(Enjoy with Three Generations of Mother and Child! Mother's Day Event)

Date : May 14th, 2006 (Sun.)
Location : Takashimaya Tamagawa (Honkan 1F Grand Patio)
(Tokyu Denentoshi Line/ Tokyu Oimachi Line "Futako Tamagawa" station)
Time : 13:00 -
Details :
April 18th (Tues.)

"Prana" Release Commerative LIVE

Date : April 18th, 2006 (Tues.)
Location : Nagaoya Blue Note
Time :

1st: Doors open 17:30, Concert begins 18:30
2nd: Doors open 18:30, Concert begins 21:15

Admission Fee : General Table Price 5,900 Yen
Student Price 3,540 Yen
Contact : Nagoya Blue Note
TEL 052-961-6311
Date of Sale : February 22nd (Wed.)
April 17th (Mon.)

"Prana" Release Commerative LIVE

Date : April 17th, 2006 (Mon.)
Location : Osaka Blue Note
Time : 1st: Doors open 17:30, Concert begins 18:30
2nd: Doors open 20:30, Concert begins 21:30
Admission Fee : General Non-reseved Seat - From 6,300 Yen
Casual - From 4,300 (1 drink included)
Contact : Osaka Blue Note
TEL 06-6342-7722
Date of Sale : February 17th (Fri.)
April 14th (Fri.)

Yamano Music instore LIVE "Nanae Mimura New Albm 'Plana' Release/ Marimba Mini Concert"

Date : April 14th, 2006 (Fri.)
Location : Tokyo Yamano Music Ginza Main Store "JamSpot"
Time : From 18:30
Contact :
March 11th (Sat.)

Nanae Mimura New Album "Plana" Release, instore Event

Date : March 11th, 2006 (Sat.)
Location : Tokyo Tower Records Shibuya Store
Time : From 15:00
January 21st (Sat.)

NHK-FM "Sunday Hot Request" 14:00 - 18:50 "HOT Live" Corner Live Performance


Information for those wanting see it

Preferred date (1/21), Send postcard with your address, name, age to the address below.

Address: 150-8001
NHK-FM "Sunday Hot Request"
January 21st ticket request (I want to see Nanae Mimura!)
* One entry per person (it is possible for two people to see the event with one ticket)
* Entries by Internet, FAX are not accepetd
* Winners will be sent an invitation with a number printed on it
* All entries must arrive by 1/10
Marimba Concerto “Bird Rhythmics”, Op. 109 By Takashi Yoshimatsu
Nanae Mimura Sheet Music
Nanae Mimura Series Marimba Mallets
Poo-Poo Song