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Marimba Crystal

"Marimba Crystal -prayer-" is the long awaited release from Octavia Records by Nanae Mimura.
In this newest CD, Nanae musically reflects upon the universal human emotions of each composition which are "prayer", "condolence", "appreciation" or "love".
She expresses these inner worlds brilliantly with her rich and deep sound.

  • JP3,200yen
  • OVCC-00133 Hybrid Record
  • Release: 2016/12/23

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Track List

  • J.S.Bach:Prelude in C minor BVW999
  • J.S.Bach:Fugue in G minor BWV1000
  • Osvaldo Golijov:Mariel for cello and marimba
  • Anna Ignatowicz:Toccata
  • J.S.Bach [arr.Nanae Mimura]:Chaconne from Partita No.2 for Violin in Dminor BWV 1004
  • Keith Jarrett [arr. Manuel Barrueco & Nanae Mimura]:The Koln Concert PartIIc
  • Christos Hatzis:Fertility Rites
    the 1st movement
    the 2nd movement
    the 3rd movement
  • Takashi Yoshimatsu:Birdscape for solo marimba op.20
  • Edward Elgar [arr. Nanae Mimura]:Nimrod from Enigma Variations op.36
Marimba Concerto “Bird Rhythmics? Op. 109 By Takashi Yoshimatsu
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